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A Cub in military uniform is known as the L4. Off for another trip around the patch Our Stearman is a perfect way to view the horizon in ways you've only dreamed. Not only a good way to get down, but a great way to see where you're going!
Andover-Aeroflex is famous for ''interesting'' winds! Those flags hint to about a 20 mph groundspeed on touchdown for a Cub. Cub and student on their best behavior! Many have come to Andover to enjoy the open cockpit sensations of an evening biplane flight.
We couldn't resist this photo opportunity at the wind down of a Sunday night summer picnic! First flight of our newly restored Stearman! Tired of looking at snow?  Here's a picture from when things were green! What's better than flying a WWII biplane and getting a tan at the same time?
The plane that trained every military aviator in the early 40's still has what it takes to get the job done today. Andover Flight offers ski instruction when the weather cooperates, get on the snow waiting list now! Our old PA18 at Trinca in the snow. Damian DelGaizo, President of Andover Flight Academy with the new delivery.
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