Few experiences in life match that of flying. From the first time you take the controls and feel yourself lift into the air, through your first solo where you know you are in total control of that airplane you used to dream of from the ground. But what does it take to become a member of that elite group of people who took their dreams and made them reality? The one thing that is certain is that as long as you are sitting here looking at words on a computer screen, someone else is up there in the sky where you want to be. Getting your license is easier than you think.

You'll just need 3 things:

  1. Time
    The minimum time required by the Federal Aviation Administration, (FAA) to earn your Private Pilot certificate is 40 hours, but studies have shown that the average student will get their "Wings" in around 60-75 hours. There are many variables that determine the length of time required to complete your training. Seasonal issues, weather, money and your own scheduling flexibility all are important items to consider. Some students have gotten their licenses in as little as 3 or 5 months while others may take quite a bit longer. The average commitment is approximately one year. This is something most schools won't tell you.

  2. Money
    While learning to fly isn't inexpensive, it is less expensive than you may think. For around $8,000 you can complete your training from first flight to licensed pilot. Lessons are paid for on a per flight basis (see our rates and prices). Ask any pilot and they'll tell you it's money well spent! Best of all, your introductory flight counts as logged training time toward the FAA requirements! Before you know it, you will be soaring among the clouds.

  3. Commitment
    And lastly, learning to fly is much more than attending classes and going through the motions. It's a willingness to accept new challenges, setting and obtaining goals and having the desire to succeed. Many self-study courses are available which can make your time spent in the airplane more efficient, ask your instructor for more info. Learning to fly cannot be done as a one hour block of time spent every few weeks, it requires a higher level of immersion.
If it sounds like flying may be for you don't wait another day!

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