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Spin back the clock...
A wide array of confusing designators are assigned to this aircraft, B75N1, N2S-5, PT-17, but everyone in aviation is familiar with the name "Stearman". Boeing started building this machine for the military as a primary trainer using a new concept at the time by "overbuilding" the aircraft to tolerate loads many times greater than it would ever see in service. Maybe that's why so many of these proud birds are still in existence today? Many ended their military careers and started civilian life as cropdusters and airshow performers, being modified with larger engines and having their tubing chopped up to install chemical hoppers. Since the advent of purpose-designed ag-aircraft, almost all of the old Stearmans have been retired from cropdusting and many have been lovingly restored back to military or colorful civilian dress.

Andover Flight acquired its Stearman in the fall of 2004 as a partially completed project after many months of looking at a number of current aircraft for sale. The quality of many of the planes available at that time was disappointing; if we were going to offer this type of aircraft we surely wanted a fine example. As it turned out, we came back around to the first aircraft we looked at, even though it was still a project. Winter was approaching, so the task was taken on of moving the aircraft by truck from New Hampshire and completing the restoration ourselves. Once completed in April of 2005, we proudly offered what we believe is the cleanest Stearman available on our flight line for all to enjoy!

Flying in an open cockpit you will experience new sensations no other type of flying can provide. As a pilot, you will learn to make the feel and sound of the wind your partner in the flight, guiding you through each maneuver and giving gentle hints along the way. As a passenger you will experience the unlimited visibility and the sights, sounds and smells that the barnstormers of the 1930's took for granted.


We offer dual instruction in the Stearman to anyone wishing to experience the thrill of an open cockpit biplane, although a tailwheel endorsement is prerequisite for takeoffs and landings. Below are some of the highlights:
Biplane Checkout - Learn the ropes just as the cadets did back in WWII, become proficient at the basic flight maneuvers and takeoffs and landings to earn your wings!

Transition Training - Just bought a Stearman? Our experienced instructors can prepare you for your new plane and fulfill your insurance checkout requirement. Transition suitable for other types of antique aircraft or many homebuilts as well.

High Performance Endorsement - Believe it or not, with the Continental 220 horsepower engine up front, we have the makings of a "high performance" aircraft here. Earn your endorsement the fun way, with a round engine!

Aerobatics / Spin Course - CFI candidates must complete spin training and receive an endorsement prior to their checkride, while it can be done in any aircraft certified for spins, why not have this unique aircraft type in your logbook?

The Stearman makes a fine aerobatic trainer as well. Its control response is surprisingly light, although don't expect anything to happen too fast! Learning the basics in a slower, draggier airplane will make you a much better pilot than when using higher performance aircraft that are specifically designed for aerobatics. Basic maneuvers covered are the loop, aileron roll, hammerhead and spin. More advanced maneuvers and combinations are available based on progress. Parachutes are provided as per FAA regulations.


What better way to see the local area than from an open cockpit biplane? Rides are available on an appointment and walk-in basis, plane and pilot availability based. Please call to set up an appointment. Ride durations can be as short or long as desired and can be a short, local sightseeing flight or a more "wild", barnstormer aerobatics ride in the local designated aerobatic area. Prices are commensurate with the duration and style of ride but begin at just $60. Gift certificates for both rides and training flights are always available, please call or stop in for more information.

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